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Name : JI WON, YUN Aritist Name : DJ BUDDY


2000: Start of DJ BUDDY activities

2001: Finkle History REMIX

2002: Hongdae club activities

2003: Gangnam Club Activities

2006: DJ Fready record production and IVY, Kim Jong-kook, Hyun Jin-young, Dynamic Duo,

          Uptown, DJ DOC, Typhoon, etc. REMIX

2008: DJ BUDDY Summer Story

2009: Lovely Day, the title track of the CJ reality tourism drama Lovely Busan OST.

2009: Participation in Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival OST album and opening performance

2010: Somyung, Jung Ju-young, Our Traditional Market, Lee Yun, Oh Ji-ye, album work

2013: DJ BUDDY “On and On” album released

2014: Producer of K-pop group HOLLO

2015: DJ BUDDY active

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