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Space Music Entertainment


Space Music is based on composing and arranging in accordance with the trend, planning power and

It is an entertainment company that leads the development trend based on infrastructure.


1. Various music production (Music) business related to on-offline BGM, album, and project album


2. Entertainment business to discover singers and actors


3. Creative business for project-type content production that forms the basis of broadcasting, corporate, and culture


4. Cultural performance opportunity project  


Space Music


PRESIDENT  Jiwon Yoon (010-4658-6042)


ESTABLISHMENT (設立)  Since 2005  




MOBILE   010-4658-6042 / (+82) 10-4658-6042 (CEO Yoon Ji-won)


[ VISION ] (目標)   Global Music & Entertainment (Contents Provider & Creator)


[ CONTRIBUTION ]  Global Society Contribution


[ BUSINESS 3PARTS ]  Music & Entertainment & Creative 

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