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manufacturing process 

rain   Dragon

basic recording

edit recording

record production

recording studio rental

1 hour of basic recording studio use /  More than 10 years of service  Directed by producer

(Mr is required)

Mixing & Mastering after recording (vocal tune, reverb, delay, balancing, etc.)

concept meeting    reservation    Lyricist, composing, arranging    record    mixing and mastering

    jacket photo shoot    jacket design    Music release (Melon/Mnet/Bugs) 

1 hour of use of the basic recording studio / of Space Music  possession  available  equipment  Most  Support and genre  followed  appropriate  of equipment  set up  and  to reinstall  Support.

mixing & mastering

video shooting

Like a music video by combining AR and video! Anyone who needs an audition video

Those who want to upload videos like YouTube stars (record  can be added as an option)

Those who need mixing & mastering (vocal tune, reverb, delay, balancing, etc.)

Inquiries by phone 


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