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If you dream of becoming a professional composer

'Space Music Academy'

If you have completed all classes

As a professional course, you can present one or more completed works of your own.


1:1 personalized lessons

From the basics through a systematic curriculum

Improve your skills to a professional level  

College admission/transfer, singer-songwriter,

personal song work  to make possible

Improve your skills as a composer/arranger.


Re  son

Opportunities to gain hands-on experience like no other

Depending on the song's completeness and ability, the

You can participate in the song work,

As a demo to entertainment agencies and record producers

You will be given the opportunity to apply.

Create/release your own song ​​​

loved ones, family, friends, anniversary, etc.

For a special day, I sing my one and only song in the world  make it

The best producers are with you!

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